Minecraft Shipwreck Ahoy! Achievement Guide

The Minecraft Aquatic update brings many features and new things to discover. One of those really cool new discoveries are shipwrecks. This is of course a long forgotten pirate-like ship that has sunken in the water. These can be found in a variety of locations, but mostly in the less deep bodies of water. With this Minecraft Shipwreck focused article we'll be exploring a fast way to find one and unlock the Ahoy! Achievement. This is really easy to do, follow these steps.

Seed: -1618472320, turn on "Coordinates", "Experimental"

Once spawned walk forward and you'll see a Shipwreck in the water, the mast will be sticking out. It's in the middle of the bay so you may need to swim for like ten seconds. The coordinates of it are 541, 62, 31. Dive down, grab a chest from below with a map. The Achievement should unlock, it may be delayed or glitchy on your chosen platform so swim around until it works. That's it, it's really easy to find here and a well preserved option. It also helps setup a Buried Treasure find that's really close, the video below helps showcase this all if help is needed. This can be unlocked on any Xbox Live supported Bedrock device. Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Pocket Edition IOS/Android, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality. Note that seed generation may alter this in the future.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner