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Minecraft Skyfair Review

The Minecraft Skyfair is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Blockworks this pack provides an alright sized amusement park to explore. It brings somewhat of a creepy theme to it, but that's mostly just with the clown. There's a number of rides to enjoy and a couple of games to play. It's easy to experience alone or with a group and features money spitting atms everywhere. You use these given tokens (the money) to play things and that makes it efficient to get items required to do activities. For rides the merry-go-round was fun, as was the large ferris wheel that actually works in a creative way.

The clown ride was probably the most in-depth ride with lots of changing paths and a claustrophobic focus. The outside design for the building was also very well done. For my group everyone loved the bouncy castle however so that was the most enjoyed of what we saw, you can bounce pretty high. There's also a track that goes around the park, but I didn't find that to be anything too interesting. We found the included log ride type boating track to be underwhelming. The games are alright, there's a shooting one and an interesting bowling area. I felt this area could have been developed a bit more.
Minecraft Skyfair Review

The Conclusion

This Skyfair from Blockworks is an alright map, it's not the most amazing thing but does have some fun activities to take part in. I don't see much replay value in it and it's not really large. You don't get a full sense of this being a cohesive place with the floating island design making it hard to get around. I would have maybe liked more of a cloud theme as it's just this floating random area. The rides were creative, but nothing totally different. It's a fine amusement park, just don't expect anything too wild from it.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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