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Minecraft Winter Fest Review

The Minecraft Winter Fest is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Blockception this pack provides a decent set of mini games against a festive backdrop. The scale of the area is actually quite impressive since you get this whole winter land island to run around on. The set is really great not only in the design, but the scope as well. The mini games are decent, but there are only a few of them present. The first thing to note is the small train circuit that goes from a really middle point and hits a parkour challenge halfway up.

Other side aspects from the game are tickets to collect for buying special outfits and some nice design points to just take in. The Winter Fest mini games include Snowman Parkour, King of the Hill, Spleef and an Ice Maze. The Snowman parkour takes place in a giant snowman with King of the Hill taking place within an absolutely massive snow globe. The Spleef is a small, yet decent working area and the Ice Maze is quite expansive underneath the river. They definitely got creative on providing large set pieces, yet I would have wanted something more within the world.
Minecraft Winter Fest Review

The Conclusion

This Winter Fest from Blockception is an alright map, it's beautiful to look at though it could have used some more games. The layout is well done and the world feels really large no matter where you're viewing other portions from. The parkour was setup in an interesting and challenging way with the king of the hill being fun. I liked the various houses that were included, yet these aspects still felt sparse since there weren't too many of them. The train should have gone around the whole area since it was a lovely, yet brief ride and the Ice Maze was quite cool. They had some interesting ideas here for presenting a festive themed area and it works for the most part. It's a great option for a group to enjoy some quick games on.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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