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Minecraft Winter Mini Games Festival Review

The Minecraft Winter Mini Games Festival is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Noxcrew this pack provides a series of mini games that are meant to be enjoyed by a group. This means that it's best to have at least one friend to engage in the activities with. The map on the level is well detailed and showcases the key games to play, but other hidden activities are also present. The included core mini games are Yeti Set Go; Sledding, Flight Course, Ice Castle, Golf Course and Ice Skating. Most of these were entertaining, yet again like the last couple maps for seasons they left something to be desired. The sledding was somewhat awkward and the ice skating was just alright.

Their Mini Golf course was fantastic and evolved further in this map. They continue to surprise with the little details they tweak or improve on the golf course. The parkour in the Ice Castle was a solid challenge for those that like it and the Flight Course was an excellent setup. The flight course is for gliding down from the mountain peak through rings. Yeti Set Go was just a running course, yet a neat idea. I was mostly just impressed with the scale of the area and the depth of the houses included. They went all out for this hill based town and honestly a huge highlight was the snowflake maker they have hidden, it was really cool.
Minecraft Winter Mini Games Festival Review

The Conclusion

This Winter Mini Games Festival from Noxcrew is an alright map, I love the attention to detail for the festive theme and that works here to create an enchanting map. The mini games were decent, some definite winners and others that weren't too amazing. I will say it's nice that they continue to work on fresh games while refining the favorites from the past maps. There's a fair bit of things to do in the town and some smaller secrets to be discovered throughout the area. Definitely features some great density and it feels like this is a large natural snowy town area.

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Rating Overall: 7.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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