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Minecraft World of Horses Review

The Minecraft World of Horses is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Noxcrew this pack provides a large open environment for those that enjoy horses. This is a perfect space for fans of the animal as it's an expansive area to take them out to ride around. It's actually fairly well detailed with a main focus on the general hub area and then a number of side large stables that players can visit. It's very open in design and that works well as horse riding would require a fair bit of space in real life. The central hub is beautiful in design offering a number of initial stable areas and other buildings to walk through. I was impressed by the quality and scale of it with other areas also emulating that to a degree. From this central location you're to move outwards anyway you'd like to enjoy the scenery or tackle the various horse based challenges along the way. You can race across intense tracks or simply choose a quiet stroll, there are options for whatever you feel like doing and a number of these noted courses.
Minecraft World of Horses Review

The Conclusion

This World of Horses from Noxcrew is a solid map, it provides vast and somewhat sculpted lanes to travel across. I was impressed with the detail for the various buildings and in comparison to coin cost there's good value here. If you enjoy horseback riding within Minecraft then this is a great offering to do just that. It's easy to accommodate friends to ride along and there are many types of horses present, some you might not even have expected if you venture to the right stable. Each of the side stables is distinctly themed offering a unique area to visit which was appreciated. The World of Horses welcomes those that enjoy the noble creatures and want a specially crafted area for them to visit.

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Review Done on Minecraft Windows 10
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner