Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing Comparison Screenshots

December 21, 2019 at 1:40am
By Jason Stettner

With the recent information regarding Xbox Series X, a number of Minecraft ray tracing comparison screenshots were provided. These showcase the various visual upgrades that realistic lighting can provide to the game through the console’s hardware accelerated DirectX ray tracing.

Below you can check out some HD resolution stills from the video, click on any of them for a full image that can be downloaded. There are some stunning pictures here. They showcase before, and after the effect is applied.
Minecraft Ray Tracing Off Village Furance

Minecraft Ray Tracing Village Furance

Minecraft Ray Tracing Off Ravine

Minecraft Ray Tracing Ravine

Minecraft Ray Tracing Off house

Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing house

Minecraft Ray Tracing Off water

Minecraft Ray Tracing Water

Those are some impressive screenshots from the demonstrations, and definitely representative of what to expect when this integration arrives alongside Xbox Series X when that releases. Whatever the case, the visual quality is remarkable with the environments looking particularly insane.

It truly does enhance and entirely change the aesthetics of the game in so many unique ways. It will certainly change the game for regular players and content creators as well. Read our thoughts on the RTX version for PC below or the general hub for additional details on the console.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner