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Alien Party Crashers Review

March 26, 2019 at 6:54pm
By Jason Stettner

Formally known as Canaries, Alien Party Crashers is about a special party that goes wild with uninvited creatures. It's actually a fairly decent slasher type film as a group of individuals are either caught off-guard, or are trying to survive. It doesn't lean into all elements too heavily as it has some fun, but at the same time has some dark tones to it.

There are varying levels behind this event as well since you get a government perspective to what regular people are facing. It's a more intimate tale, but features a slightly expanded cast to add some sense of scale to this invasion. The title makes this sound like it's a party time, but there are some high levels of action and Sci-Fi. It had some neat elements in regards to the latter and that made for a solid film.
Alien Party Crashers Wallpaper Monster
The acting is generally fine throughout and I didn't notice anything that stuck out in a bad way. There were even some neat action type scenes with conflict. You get a mix of weapon usage with gore, or even standard hand to hand combat. Traces of comedic elements were present, but this was generally a serious adventure in survival.

The alien type monsters looked great and featured a sense of fear to them. They were unsettling, and provided a graphic element of violence as they went after people. The pacing is solid throughout and you get an idea of what's happening, with epic moments and then a mysterious type of conclusive style to it that helps add further impact to the Sci-Fi elements.

The Conclusion

Alien Party Crashers is a solid film that has some neat Sci-Fi elements against a horror aspect. It's well shot, the scenes looked fine for what this was and I liked the look of the monsters. The gore was handled well for the most part and they didn't hold back on what was going on.

I assumed this would go down a more campy route and I'm glad it didn't. It brought some laughs which were appreciated and it helped set a distinct ton for what this was. It'll certainly have some surprises and I believe they accomplished what they were aiming for.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner