Another Round Review

September 26, 2020 at 4:23am
By Jason Stettner

This is a very interesting, and somewhat dark look at four friends diving into the depths of drinking. It was definitely deeper than I had anticipated, and I feel a proper look at what this sort of experience would lead to. This largely follows a closed off, somber individual named Martin (Mads Mikkelsen).

Things haven’t been the same for years, and he’s just basically living. During a special birthday of a friend, he has a bit of breakdown where his group of pals tries to cheer him up. This is also where a concept comes into play. The idea of a theory where having a constant level of alcohol in their blood would improve their lives. In a rather scientific sort of way, the group of four begins to study this very concept. They do so from the grounds of regular limits, and then beyond. An escalating situation.

It’s all rather interesting and done so in a masterful way. As while we have a lead character, the others also have things going on in their lives so you see the effects of this drinking on each of them. It’s definitely a unique story. One with a lot of heart, and also a deep sense of darkness. Those darker points help hammer in the concept of taking drinking too far, to a level of alcoholism.

It’s not a film that glorifies extreme drinking by any means, and I think that’s important. Again, it has some rather scientific points to it while being both comedic and heartfelt. It’s a group that comes across as truly caring for one another, trying out something that seems initially quite exciting to them. You get to see the steps along the way, and just how it all plays out which is neat.
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This was both beautifully shot, and well acted. It doesn’t necessarily have a wide range of locations, but it uses them effectively and shows off a delightful environment. Mikkelsen gives an absolutely incredible performance here.

From someone that’s dead inside, to an individual letting loose and then all of the emotions in-between. It’s very well done, and absolutely grounds this experience. The other members of the group each have their own respective classes, and issues too. There’s the best pal Nikolaj (Magnus Millang), a soccer coach Tommy (Thomas Bo Larsen) and a music instructor Peter (Lars Ranthe).

It presents good perspectives, and ones of regular people. You do actually tend to care about their problems as you get enough of a glimpse into their lives to understand the struggles they face. The idea of why they would go to this degree, even though it is something that fits into their scientific backgrounds. They definitely care about one another, and that shows.

From the lows, to the cheerful highs they’re always connecting well. I think in general the performances were very good and the parties they have for schooling over there, wow. The pacing here was excellent, it moved swiftly and kept me engaged the whole way through. It teased some even darker points, so I’m glad it didn’t go all in and found the necessary balance here.

The Conclusion

Another Round is an absolutely delightful journey that brings both moments of joy, and those of absolute darkness. It provides a stellar balance of those going all the way, and the others wondering what their limits might be when it comes to possible alcoholism.

The study angle they took here worked very majestically to tell a compelling story. It never glorifies drinking, and I think that’s important. It’s not always a joyous time, and there are pressures to keep you going forward with another drink despite the thought of perhaps not doing so.

There are so many smaller elements to it and it’s just a very well done film. It’s entertaining, unique and a good comment on social norms. It’s got great performances, and memorable moments throughout. I was very impressed by what I viewed and found it to be highly entertaining. It’s certainly a different sort of journey.

The stakes on a personal level are high, but the overall experience is kept intimate and focused on these individuals. Particularly the fast changing and evolving Martin. A character of which I thought really found themselves by the end, though they perhaps put too much blame on themselves.

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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner