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Avengers: Endgame Thor has Lost it All

While the snap from Thanos certainly took away a lot of life in the galaxy, Thor really felt the impact of his failure. Right there, so close to Thanos and to only inflict a life ending wound that could easily be rewinded. It must have hurt, especially considering the event leading to this moment in Infinity Wars. You get to see this reflected right away in Avengers: Endgame as Thor sits there on the sidelines in complete despair, with no idea what to do in this situation.

He still presumably has Stormbreaker, which can be a Thanos killer and he's at his peak strength yet that doesn't do anything for what matters. This chain of loss originally all started when he was witness to his mother Frigga dying in Thor: The Dark World. It continued later and greatly accelerated during Thor: Ragnarok where his father Odin felt it was time to go off into the winds of time. Odin probably would have been helpful against Thanos...
Avengers Endgame Sad Thor
This is then quickly followed by his long time signature weapon, the Mjölnir (the hammer, in case you were wondering) being destroyed by his sister Hela. She also later takes one of his eyes and then dies, with the latter being somewhat of a loss I suppose sibling wise. The planet he's always called home, Asgard is destroyed at the end of Ragnarok and just when things are looking slightly up it gets worse. The ship carrying the last of his people gets split in half and one half gets killed by Thanos with his space crew of genocidal maniacs. In that same moment he sees his turned around brother Loki get choked out by Thanos and his long time close friend Heimdall get stabbed by a Child of Thanos.

While this is basically a synopsis of what's happened, there's been some serious devastation to this character. He doesn't have anything, aside from a few Avenger pals. In his life of over 1500 years he's never witnessed anything like this since the span of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is but tiny in his time alive. Coming into this entry he may very well be the strongest of the group, but his soul is perhaps the most fractured. He'll play a close parallel to what Ronin (Hawkeye) is feeling. That's it for this, clearly shows Thor has lost it all at the start of Avengers: Endgame and may be looking for some revenging. You can read out review of Infinity War below or check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe hub for further coverage.

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