Avengers: Infinity War Opening Weekend Canada Interview

Interview with Greg Mason, VP of Marketing at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada

Infinity War is setting some incredible records, could you briefly go over what it has already achieved in the opening weekend?

Greg: It has been an absolutely mind blowing weekend watching these numbers coming in. In Canada the highest opening all time of any film ($19.7M). Blows our mind, absolutely thrilled with those results:

Looking at a just Canadian perspective, it now tops the chart for opening weekends? Do you see continued success in the local market?

Greg: One can always hope, I think people will look back at this time at Walt Disney Studios. A special time indeed. Lucasfilm; Marvel, Pixar, Disney are all firing on all cylinders. It has been a privilege to work on all these projects. I see a great run ahead, feeling very fortunate.
Avengers: Infinity War Opening Weekend Canada Interview
There’s some breathing room for the film, do you feel there will be any sort of pressure from Deadpool 2 when that releases or any sort of overlap with Solo?

Greg: No, we are very confident in the date we chose. I think the audience has clearly found it this weekend. I think the other exciting thing about Avengers is that so much happens. We did our best to make sure fans did not spoil it for others. Message to see it early and soon, got out. Lots of room for other films this summer.

Two Marvel films have been hits already this year, do you see that continuing with Ant-Man and Wasp?

Greg: I would certainly hope so. When you look at Avengers. Joe and Anthony Russo made an incredible film. Phenomenal job, a testament to our previous director’s; Ryan Coogler, Taika Waititi. Every Marvel film is slightly different. You can look at Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther, they’re very different in genre and feel. Marvel’s not afraid to take big swings. Putting that together for Infinity War was fantastic. Ant-Man and the Wasp will be a ton of fun.

Looking to next year, there’s Captain Marvel and Avengers 4? Do you predict a similar success with those two in comparison to what Black Panther and Infinity War have accomplished?

Greg: Without spoiling anything, there will be a new stronger interest with Captain Marvel. Really personally excited for with what Brie Larson will bring with that. Continuing with the next Infinity War. Really hopeful for that, looking forward to 2019
Avengers: Infinity War Still
I’m assuming Disney is generally pleased with the results, did the film track according to the goals that were set for it?

Greg: It far exceeded our goals. We were honestly, just watching the numbers and were blown away. We knew there was a great fan base and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results.

Lastly I would like to leave a spot for you to just mention what we should be looking forward to film wise in the near future?

Greg: Personally I can’t wait for the world to see The Incredibles 2. I love what I’ve seen of it. So many of us, myself have included have waited so long to see the Parr family. It picks up right where it left off. So many people are excited to see this when it comes out.

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