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Bad Match Review

Bad Match is a film about a chronic online dater and playboy named Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott) who goes out with a different girl every night. Harris has a very successful job at an internet investment firm and thought his life was perfect, always using the same technique to always pick up girls. That is until one night he makes the mistake of going out with a very attractive but very clingy girl named Riley (Lili Simmons).

Riley would not leave after their night together, and turned off Harris’ alarm which causing him to lose a big deal that due at work that day. A few days after basically kicking Riley out of his house, Harris gets a chilling phone call at his work from Riley who is pretending to be his mom. After Harris keeps ignoring her, his perfect life starts to fall apart, He loses his job, get accused of having possession of child porn on his laptop, and basically his life is over. Harris decides to go on a quest for revenge. The only way the interactions between Riley and Harris will end, will be with blood.

Bad Match is the first feature film written and directed by David Chirchirillo. Chirchirillo managed to the film the whole movie in only 14 days, which is quite surprising. He did an excellent job telling the story he wanted to tell, and the film was rather enjoyable. He got all this done with a surprising low budget, which is surprising but really shows off his talent as a director, which makes me excited to see what he’s going to do later in his career. However, there were a couple of minor mistakes throughout the film.
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With Lili Simmons as the biggest star in the film, it wasn’t hard to see her carry the movie. With Jack Cutmore-Scott as the leading male, the main cast was a good fit, they both played the roles well. Their chemistry on screen seemed to really click with each other. All the supporting cast fit their roles good and everyone seem to know what they were doing.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Bad Match seems to start off as a typical guy having fun, and slowing evolves into a gruesome tale of revenge. It’s the first film by new comer director David Chirchirillo, who did an excellent on the entire thing.

With a cast that at least seemed to know what they were doing. Bad Match had only a few minor errors in the detail of the film which doesn’t affect the quality of the film in the slightest.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey