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Batman Hush Review

July 22, 2019 at 5:24pm
By Jason Stettner

This is definitely one of the more darker takes on the character of Batman, at least in the animated format. It brings a mature, well set Batman that needs to deal with the unraveling of his secret identity. This is presented in a number of ways, as the secret becomes less quiet throughout the run of this film.

For context, I wasn’t familiar with the source material on this particular animated feature and I am confident that it will surprise those that are. This is through some research I did after having watched it. There are certain twists and turns here that should actually keep you guessing almost the whole time. Once things are fully revealed, it does taper off a bit. That being said, for the most part this is a really well done entry in the Batman animation efforts that are always creative.

It does bring in elements of the greater DC universe, and that should be a neat treat to see unfold. There are many characters here and a deeper look at the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. I really do enjoy seeing these types of takes on the characters, as it’s somewhat realistic with its treatment. Still, it left something to be desired as things played out.
Batman Hush Wallpaper catwoman
The animation efforts here are rather tame. The motion, combat and looks of the characters are perfect. The worlds do however feel rather bland at times, lacking detail. They’re not horrible by any means, they just seem ok. It’s also quite dark, and I do get why they do that.

The characters are fantastic, and they bring a neat cast in for sure. I thought the voice over work was fine, didn’t have any issues there. You get both a wide range of villains, and heroic characters which is different. It felt like just another day in the job which was neat, it does assume you know a number of the characters. Most were to the side, so I suppose that doesn’t matter too much.

There’s quite a bit of more adult content here, in terms of the relationship and the language. I thought I should mention that in case this was something the younger audience would be looking at. I appreciated the mature take, thought it was handled well and rather charming at times.

The Conclusion

Batman Hush is a great entry in this line of animated films, and a mature take that delivers surprises throughout the story. The characters are well developed, and they handle a large roster very well. You get to see just enough of them, while it does largely focus on the core cast and their issue.

This is definitely a deep dive into specifically the relationship of Batman and Catwoman, that was handled in a great way, for the most part. The animation quality was solid overall, I wish there was more detail in the worlds however. Not a huge issue, just something I’ve noticed. It would be nice to see that extra care spent to increase the longevity of these takes on various elements of the Batman history.

The voice acting was fine, again there are some more adult type situations in this one. Just another warning, I liked the maturity yet it’s good to know for the younger ones that like Batman. Hush was excellent in here, a neat situation setup and a menacing threat for the character that did some unique things to challenge the detective.

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Rating Overall: 7.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner