Battlefield 2025 Review

June 28, 2020 at 8:42pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather interesting horror film that follows groups of individuals across a desert area as they deal with an unwelcomed alien presence. It’s a fairly generic concept, but they have fun with it here and it works out well. They spend a good amount of time developing various side stories, and then creating a somewhat realistic picture of how they intersect. It’s interesting, and I liked how they didn’t necessarily give away who were the main characters.

Almost each of the individuals at the start had their own thing going on, and none of them really felt particularly safe in this. I was beginning to wonder if anything neat was going to happen since that opening goes on for awhile. When it does get rolling, it does so in a dramatic and impactful way. It features some excellent conflict, gore and of course combative scenes.

I did find some of the acting to be rather weak, and some of the characters a tad disjointed. That wasn’t a huge deal though, they had a seriously neat alien monster to deal with and a real possibility of death for any of the individuals that were roaming around. I thought this was fairly well done as an intimate tale of various individuals, while not being overly dramatic or being too silly. It hits the points well, and aims to provide some very satisfying alien based attacks.
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Continuing on costume wise, I was seriously impressed by the alien creature. They used the night well with it blending in, but also having a truly creepy glow to it. It looked haunting, and I was very impressed by it. I also liked how it attacked individuals. It used a mix of close quarters hand to hand combat and some blasts that came across as realistic in how they were sent off against the night backdrop.

They left some very damaging hits on others, that was neat. It also was fairly spooky at times, since you never did know when something was going to happen. It was a mix of human based drama, and also conflict with this alien being thrown into the mix. Again, the acting was very rough from some individuals but in general it was well put together.

The Conclusion

Battlefield 2025 is a generally alright horror film, it features one intense monster and makes it feel as though no character is safe. I think some of the acting sort of let this one down, as the execution was very well done. I liked the simple setting, and the narrative structure that was provided. You got brief glimpses into individual lives, but not enough to where you were too drawn to any of them. I appreciated that, as often you get too much of a focus on what’s considered a main character in films.

It may seem like a bit of a drawn out opening, but I think that works well for somewhat numbing your expectations. From a certain point it just takes off with some intense conflict and surprising assaults throughout. It’s neat seeing the dynamics of the individuals fighting amongst one another due to certain situations, while unknowing to some of them, that there’s a real monster out there on the hunt.

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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner