Becky Review

June 6, 2020 at 4:23am
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting, and somewhat brutally gruesome take on the Home Alone concept. This is very much a survival film where a young girl is trying to deal with dangerous individuals while also suffering deep emotional loss. I actually quite enjoyed this, finding it to be graphic and yet well balanced in how it delivered gruesome scenes. You could see a sense of weakness, and disadvantage as this girl just tried to keep on going.

This is Becky (Lulu Wilson), a young lady dealing with the recent loss of her mother and just getting a little joy in her life as she doesn’t have to lose a place that’s special to her. Things then take a drastic turn when some mysterious strangers come into the picture that are searching for something specific. This team is headed by Dominick (Kevin James), a surprisingly dark individual with a determined mission. Also, a surprising performance from James as this isn’t something you typically see him within.

I thought he did a rather great job, and I just wish there was more context into the individual. Perhaps some additional insight into his terror in regards to running this group, it was there yet not used to its possible full effect. In general, I found the flow to be well done and the narrative to be engaging. It was loose, but to the point and kept things moving along. I also really liked the transitions they used at times, to mirror smoothly two points of view.
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There were some interesting perspectives in this one, but it did largely come down to the balance of Dominick versus Becky. I did like that other lives were in the balance, and that there was a danger there. I was however hoping for a bit more from Joel McHale’s “Jeff” as he didn’t necessarily seem too into what was going on in this.

The performances were generally solid, with Wilson being a stand out. I really liked the sense of danger, alongside how unhinged she became as things progressed. You got moments where she was not in control, and perhaps at the brink of not being able to come out on top. That kept it interesting, and I compare it to some recent action films where the heroes do seem vulnerable. I also found this to generally improve in terms of presentation as the film progressed.

The night shots were particularly interesting, as were the gruesome displays. I think they really hit the mark in regards to the graphic content that’s present, doing some unique things in this one. I did also enjoy that this was more of an intimate tale, focusing on key characters in one distinct setting that in itself did feel expansive enough for what was being presented.

The Conclusion

Becky delivers a rather gruesome, and intense look at survival despite some low odds. It’s an intimate tale that’s graphic, and creative in terms of how it presents its gory scenes. It has a center star that really carries the direction of the movie, that being Becky (Lulu Wilson).

It had good pacing, and went by quickly. I really did quite enjoy this one, finding the action to be well done and the main characters to be interesting. They could have expanded on some characters a tad more, but I think this was fine in what it was trying to get across.

It certainly has some shock moments for sure, and I think those will be fun surprises for those going in and viewing this one. It plays on the Home Alone concept in a very dangerous sort of way, and completely turns that up a notch. It’s a unique viewing option, and one that should leave an impression.

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Rating Overall: 7.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner