Bloodshot Review

April 2, 2020 at 8:41pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a really generic sort of action film, it negates character development while rushing through its rather weak narrative. It somehow still manages to have a rather long run time, and that aspect is truly shocking. Now, at the start I thought this was super generic to the max. Then, things do get a little interesting before diving right into being ultra generic again. It was a weird shift in my attention as I was like, wow this is really quite something new.

That was of course very short lived, and there was real potential with the setup on this. The concept is truly unique, and modern being a fun sort of twist on what one might expect for this type of movie. That is ultimately wasted however. You’ve got a lead that sort of just mumbles along with that role being filled by Vin Diesel. There are other side characters too, but they fall into familiar roles with little to no development.

It seemed like one of the folks had some minor level of indecisiveness to what role they were performing, but that vanished as the story progressed. It does have some interesting action that was well choreographed and shot. The true stand out in this one for sure, the combat looked really sleek. They also used digital assets very effectively.
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The performances were alright in this, not a whole lot for the characters to work with. They were basically all lacking in depth, even the lead that did actually showcase emotion when needed. Outside of those emotional moments, stone cold to that of a robot.

Going back to what I just mentioned, the combat was well shot. There were some sleek stylistic setups to the various fight scenes that took place. Outside of those, nothing else was particularly special. They sort of jumped along from place to place and at times the cuts were a bit too quick in that it became too frantic.

It felt as though there was no breathing room, which is again weird considering how long this is when it comes to the run time. The CGI ranged from fine enough to looking out of place, these parts were somewhat hidden due to how fast the particular scene would go by.

The Conclusion

Bloodshot is painfully generic, despite having a concept backing it that felt entirely unique. This is one of those movies that I’ll likely just forget and move on from. It might be worth a single watch, but that’s if you’re just looking for mindless action. It was definitely a roller coaster in terms of interesting however, hitting a high peak before plummeting again.

It had so many awkward moments, and it didn’t really deliver on any sort of comedic element. I mention that, as it does try to hit that at times. The action was once again very well presented. It looked super cool, and felt tense. At times the CGI failed that, but when it was going you would be impressed by what was being provided.

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Rating Overall: 3.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner