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Bloody Ballet Review

Bloody Ballet is a slasher that primarily follows the lead of this upcoming Nutcracker performance. This situation of taking the lead lends to somewhat of a mental breakdown and that's further fueled by the deaths of those she currently loves. It connects to a dark past that saw both her parents die in a similar incident. To the side of it was this weird narrative following a guy reporting on something and mostly sitting around hallucinating situations surrounding a ballerina. It's odd and honestly sort of pointless, but it does make some sense once everything gets wrapped up.

The plot of this is definitely random and by the end, I'm not sure of the motivations though they do describe what did actually happen well. It's a typical slasher so the story doesn't really matter, but they did add a bit of narrative in there. It's easier just to go along with it and enjoy the well setup murder scenes. For the most part the gore was handled well as this killer is an eye gouger. They had some neat mental breakdown scenes that helped build up the main character, but some of the secondary crew could have had better development.
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This was really well shot which was surprising, I was pleased with the cinematography. They had some neat scenes and the presentation was generally great. Again, not something I expected here. A really interesting mix of lighting with the violent content, it worked well. It's just not something I typically see with this type of film, the quality was top notch in that aspect.

The concept of the Bloody Ballet was also fine, the story did come together despite being random. I give it a bit of a pass there as this is very much a typical slasher film. It's a bit short, but at the same time I had thought the ending had come earlier than it did. They sort of wrapped things up too well which was disappointing as a more ambiguous ending would have been better. Guess that doesn't quite work with the sub-plot, but I felt that generally detracted from the experience so it would have fit then.

The Conclusion

Bloody Ballet is an alright slasher that follows a series of women that get gouged by one wild creature of surprise. It does a fine job of presenting gore in an almost beautifully choreographed way. The narrative does feel a tad random for the most part and side plot could have been removed for a more streamlined time as it really didn't add much.

It does complete the story as to say, but I felt it largely detracted from the main action and sort of made me wonder its purpose the entire time. I would have rather had more time understanding the group and getting more clues as to what was happening. I thought the lead was generally fine, Kendra Carelli performs well here with a bit of grace and mental instability. This was again, rather fine and greatly lifted by the visual presentation that was great for the most part.

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Rating Overall: 5.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner