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Bonehill Road Review

Bonehill Road kicks off horribly with incredibly terrible acting and awful camera work. It's a dreadful experience right from the get go, and a soul sucking one at that. This was short, but felt like it lasted forever carrying the most random of plots. The core concept tagline could be interesting, but I'm not sure what they were going for. There's apparently a hostile home situation for the mother and daughter to the point where hitting one another with pans is a typical thing.

From there it's a random venture running into someone with the worst acting I've ever seen in a film. This character then goes on to be a main part of the cast and it was just shocking that anyone thought this was acceptable to film, then to have the tenacity to go ahead with editing this. At some point, someone just should have said no to movie. If you can even call it that. That aside, the plot didn't really have any flow and the actors didn't carry the little bits that were present. It was just all over the place and I can't say what the point of it at all. There were werewolves randomly, a deranged killer and just odd portions.
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If you do manage to sit through this hellish experience, there's an after credits that I'm not sure the point of. I give a point one for the performance of the daughter (Ana Rojas-Plumberg) as she was average. Might have been better if there was competence in any aspect of this production. Everyone else was just awful, no redeeming moments and it seemed like the cast dramatically increased at one point with no reference as to why they were needed.

It was supposed to be a mother/daughter journey and then it got bloated somehow. Aside from the dreadful acting, the camera work was terrible. The picture quality was beyond bad, and in most shots the framing was disgusting? It looked too cheap, could pull out my old phone for a better quality. The gore and effects weren't done very well. There was a strangely long transformation scene too and considering the run time it was odd.

The Conclusion

Bonehill Road is probably the worst film I have ever seen and hopefully I don't have to endure something worse. That acting was horrid, right from the start too. I don't know why I kept watching, perhaps the hope it got better? Any sane person would tune right out at that point. If you somehow make it through the entire film, there's a useless after credits.

It was very poorly shot, it hurt to view most of the time. The general presentation was terrible, the gore elements weren't well done and it mostly looked fake. It didn't come across as so bad it's good either, it was just awful. It's hard to really describe how bad of an experience this was and it should be avoided entirely. Also, if you're expecting Werewolves, you really won't see much of them.

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Rating Overall: 0.1

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