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Cats Looks Terrifying & Insanely Unsettling

July 18, 2019 at 9:42pm

There was certainly a warning that this was coming, but I never could have anticipated anything like this. This is the very first trailer for Universal Pictures’ “Cats” movie. It is both terrifying, and insanely unsettling. This is a live action presentation that pushes the boundaries of what will certainly shock people to their very core.

What they’ve done is bring in a number of high end pristine actors, and have mixed them with some interesting musician choices. That’s fine, it’s what they’ve done to produce the cat elements that is truly shocking. We have people-like faces bobbing on top of what I can only describe as mutated CGI monsters. They dive deep into the empty lands of uncanny valley and it’s awful. I laughed quite a bit watching the trailer, told others about it and its stunning.

I can’t believe they actually went for this, or thought that this would draw a good crowd to the theater. I mean, star power can only take you so far and this is just awful to look at. It’s aesthetically displeasing and a visceral obscenity quite honestly. That aside, watch the trailer below.

Cats Movie 2019
So I imagine you were surprised, shocked and generally terrified at what you just witnessed. This is one of the most bizarre presentations I’ve ever seen in my life. This is a bold choice for a theater showcase, one that makes the original Sonic trailer from Paramount look like a god send.

For some regular context, Cats is in theaters on December 20, 2019 in North America. It follows a tribe of cats, that must decide yearly which one of them will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to life as a new Jellicle life. It features the talents of Idris Elba (Macavity); Rebel Wilson (Jennyanydots), Judi Dench (Old Deuteronomy), James Corden (Bustopher Jones), Taylor Swift (Bombalurina) and Jason Derulo (Rum Tum Tugger) amongst others.

It’s quite a cast that will make up this horror show of “realistic” cats. It truly does look unsightly and just generally bad. The facial expressions scare me, they seem to float at times and the vision here is weird. I really don’t understand how this came through the stages of production to the point of a trailer.

I don’t think this is a situation where things will improve either. Read our recent horror review of Annabelle Comes Homes, or check out the 2019 movies area for more reviews from the year. Hopefully we won’t be reviewing this one, it would be quite something to see however.

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