Clownface Review

August 22, 2020 at 1:34am
By Jason Stettner

Sometimes I watch some truly awful films, and this is one of those situations. I certainly don’t recommend this one as the acting is awful, it’s lacking any sense of a cohesive story and it’s just boring. This is one of those horror type films that are sort of grotesque, while not doing a very good job of showing the darker moments. The gore wasn’t showcased in a very pleasing, interesting or even alright sort of way. It was laughable, and the editing didn’t help that at all.

Match that with side characters that are pointless, super cringe worthy acting and just a boring tale for one dreadful time. It’s hard to really dig into this one, as not a whole lot happened. I suppose the most memorable part of this was the really out of place opening sexual type content that was shown.

It wasn’t good, it didn’t serve the overall experience very much and it was strangely the only defining element I can even think of in this one. From that point on it’s strange situations where people chat. There’s a party type scene where some violence happens, but there was a slow build up to that point and it didn’t deliver anything too thrilling. Just more poorly done gore that wasn’t serviced by the acting, that’s for sure.
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There’s not much to say about the acting, but Richard Buck’s Owen stood out as particularly awful to me in this one. The performance was just; really bad, really really bad. The film wasn’t shot very well, it looked dreadful and nothing scenic really stood out about it.

It’s hard to dive into, as there really isn’t a whole lot to it. It’s like a bunch of random moments that come together and then end in a semi-surprising way I suppose. It was hard to get attached to any of the characters in this one, or even in what was going on.

The Conclusion

Clownface is a truly horrible film that has no redeeming factors or interesting points to it, it has pitiful acting and one awful narrative. I don’t have a whole to say about this one, aside from suggesting you skip it. There’s nothing of real value here.

You would at least expect to see a lower quality effort like this have some minor element of excitement to it. Maybe some sort of thrill, or even a little bit of decent gore in it. It’s not scary, or even an interesting slasher. It’s just purely a waste of time, there are far better ways to spend your life.

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