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Deadpool 2 was surprisingly an improvement over the original with fresh jokes, many of which are currently relevant and a rather emotional story. This sequel follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) with his girlfriend after successfully going on a world killing tour. He does indeed, "kill it" out there except for one vengeful foe. This comes back hard and the film follows an emotionally distraught anti-hero trying to do right by a young kid. There's a small stint with the X-Men, his time in jail and of course the stunning combination of the mighty X-Force.

A team that does what no other group can, and in style with that. It's a film of tragedy, the removal of more walls than one could count and memorable moments. It doubles down on telling a well crafted story that has weight and is always trying to one-up the stunning Logan. There are cameos, explosions and piles of scenes aimed to purely delight the adult audience. The gore is never toned down, and neither are the laughs. It's a lot of fun, and it presents this humor in a way that fits naturally into the character's narrative.
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Deadpool 2 will surprise you in so many ways and across ever so many time lines. If sorrow isn't enough, a really badass and greatly presented Cable (Thanos, I mean Josh Brolin) comes into play. Everyone goes after a kid and it's this combination of fighting time that makes things so excellent. There are fights on a colossal scale with poor CGI at times and the weirdest of heroes. The ever charming Domino (Zazie Beetz) stuns being a great addition and Peter (Rob Delaney) was the heart.

He may not have the best of powers, but he's all heart for X-Force. This is very much a Deadpool movie however delivering laughs and so many jokes that one would lose track. He wasn't the only source for laughs however as there are so many wacky things in this. It may sound like a straight up comedy, but there are well handled dramatic elements layered as well. It's surprising and I didn't anticipate the character to unleash his Old Man Logan so well. I did want more Negasonic though, she was underused and they didn't seem to know what to do with her.

The Conclusion

Deadpool 2 delivers new heights with heavily weighted fights, lots of humor and the visceral action fans demand. It's dark, never holds back and still has fun. You'll have a grand time whether that's reacting to the incredibly surprising moments, jabs at other franchises or even a correction to time itself.

Each moment is chalked full of enchanting scenes whether Luck is involved or if the gang is just suiting up to become the true X-Force we deserve. Deadpool really does shine as a Canadian icon here with a wealth of perfectly rendered characters fighting around him.

I wonder how well the jokes will hold up over time, though there's a good balance between just straight forward reference jokes and things that are just funny with no extra context needed. Hopefully we'll see more from the character in the future as this series is too enjoyable of a diversion from any Marvel franchise to ignore.

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Rating Overall: 8.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner