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Dunkirk Review

Dunkirk was one of the most tense and insane films I've ever seen. It's also one that aims to show a different side to war as opposed to showcasing direct conflict. The story of Dunkirk is one of survival based on the evacuation as 400,000 British and French soldiers after they've been pushed back to a beach. It's a dangerous landscape and while the main focus is attempting to get everyone off the beach there are smaller stories. The narrative is split between three distinct areas including on foot at the beach, in the air and at sea in ships.

While it sounds like there's a lot going on, the way these stories intertwine really meshes well to tell a complete account of the event. It also adds a perspective that only one position couldn't ever explain and paints this larger picture. At its core the entire story revolves around a few kids and their desperate escape. With little dialogue motivations are still clear in how everyone attempts to get out alive. This is done in multiple stages and the journey felt completely unique.
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I was able to view this film in IMAX and it was absolutely stunning. I don't always mention formats for movies unless they're 3D effects so when I say the IMAX was special it certainly was. The general look of the film was straight up gorgeous capturing a true feeling of grit one would expect from a war movie.

Scenes felt large in scale providing a full view of the action while still having many emotional smaller angles. There was a full sense of war at play and while combat wasn't direct it delivered. The acting aspects were top notch helping to convey emotion perfectly well while speaking little about what was happening. The way the tone was delivered said enough and it was all presented beautifully. The pacing works well since it didn't feel lengthy and there was a feeling of despair that was well carried throughout its entirety.

The Conclusion

Dunkirk is definitely one of the most intense movies I've ever experienced. You can feel a sense of desperation in every scene. It's also a completely different war film from anything else as it paints a picture of escape as opposed to one where there are soldiers in conflict.

This is a group of young men attempting to escape and doing anything they can to get off a beach. The movie was gorgeous presenting massive scenes with such beautiful scale. It was also fantastic how everything came together at certain parts and I didn't at all expect so many different types of war to meld so well together. Dunkirk is simply stunning and unlike anything I've seen this year.

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Dunkirk Review at Theater with IMAX Viewing
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Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner