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Elves Review

Elves (2018) is a horror film that follows a group of deranged creatures as they torment people. They do this through suggestion and taking individuals over. They in turn get this really twisted face which was well presented. The film starts out with a quick look at the menace these creatures can present and then jumps ahead to a group. You're not really introduced to any of these members and you just go along with it.

They submit a listing of their naughty deeds and then individually they're all punished. The group splits up going in separate ways not knowing what's about to happen. It's with a slow realization through loss that they see something mystical is going on. The narrative wasn't exactly the strongest, but it was a decent viewing. They had some goals in mind and presented creative ways to eliminate members of this collective.
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The acting was alright here, didn't notice anything too weak in that front. I did however find some of the effects to be rather poor. This was present during key gore, and or deadly segments which was disappointing. That aside, the creepy effect on faces when the elves did take over were excellent. As were the voices, very unique. I was pleasantly surprised and creeped out by this element. The sets were alright, camera work was fine. I didn't quite understand the weird filter though, no idea why these types of movies need to glow the world with weird lighting. I suppose the mood was slightly chilling at times, it did go along fine with its pacing.

The Conclusion

Elves (2018) is a barely alright horror film that presents some creepy effects and unsettling situations. The acting was generally fine, there was a large roster. You didn't really get to know or care about any of them, but that didn't matter too much as it was great to see them crumble.

The effects could have been way better, or at least more practical in their execution. I found this to be fine to watch, I wasn't blown away by it however. The creepy setup for the faces was just wild enough to work perfectly. They had some neat deaths and that's what you expect in this situation. Some creepy little monsters manipulating and suggesting people to do unsettling things. It's a neat concept and perhaps in the right situation it could be a very quality production.

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Rating Overall: 5.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner