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Everfall Review

Everfall is definitely a clever and mysterious film that focuses around a figure skater. After failing to reach the heights she desires after a poor qualifying round her coach mentions that a small competition in a town called Everfall might be something to show her dedication. The skater Eva Saint (Jessica McLeod) convinces her extreme stunts vlogger boyfriend Daniel (Joe Perry) to join the trip as well as his sidekick videographer. The trip there goes fine and they arrive for Eva to sign up. That's when everything takes a mysterious turn as reality is changed and it's hard to know what exactly is going on.

The film takes a number of routes to confuse, yet provides a central enough story progression so you know what's happening for the most part. It's all rather interesting as you try to get an exact idea of where everyone is at and it was very intriguing. There's always an idea of what might be going on and it's well presented while showing things to throw you off. There's also a back story that's unraveling the entire time and this is shown in bursts to build a shock towards the two leads during key moments.

Everfall Wallpaper

I was pleasantly surprised by Everfall with the film capturing my full attention while providing some interesting twists throughout. I did find that the flashbacks were a tad stretched out since some portions of it were shown multiple times, though that really is my only issue with it all. The settings were well transformed for the scenes and it was all really well shot.

Despite being so dark I was impressed with the visibility and use of lighting to cause an extra level of tension. The environments were particularly interesting to me since I've been to some of them as they were shot locally to me. That doesn't really factor into my thoughts on anything, but a neat point to make as it's not something that usually happens. The acting was solid from all involved with Jessica's Eva particularly providing a nice sense of chill during some of the darker scenes.

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed Everfall and I didn't have any expectations for the film going into it. It was beautifully well shot from the large outdoor action scene to the more intimate areas they travelled through while going on a mind bending journey. There was a great use of space as while it was very focused in the area and claustrophobic, the environment felt varied.

The coach was chilling as were many of the out there scenes. The mystery elements were great and I wasn't exactly ever sure which direction the story would go as some aspects would come to cause confusion. It left with an interesting conclusion that you may have to think about for a bit, but I definitely believe I have a sense of how it wrapped up.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner