Extra Ordinary Review

March 5, 2020 at 4:06am
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather quirky and messed up comedy, but it certainly delivers an enjoyable time. The narrative is based around ghosts, and their continuous presence in regular life. Some people have special talents, and can interact with those that have passed. It’s a weird concept, but it does work in a rather neat way within this film. This movie follows Rose (Maeve Higgins), a very awkward and lonely Irish driving instructor.

She lives life regularly despite a sorrowing past, and is somewhat coerced into helping Martin (Barry Ward) deal with his daughter. The assistance he requires sends the two on a mission to collect some special goo (ectoplasm) from ghosts that are sent beyond. While this is happening, there’s a rather satanic and washed up star Christian Winter (Will Forte) that needs to sacrifice a virgin in order to get his next musical hit. That is of course where Martin’s daughter comes into the mix.

Christian works with his love Claudia (Claudia O’Doherty) who is largely annoying to him. There are some fun dynamics at play here, and neat perspectives. It’s got an intimate, yet slightly expanding cast and it’s just the most quirky type of comedy. It definitely does work, and I had a good time viewing this one. It’s incredibly messed up and rather insane at times, hinging on being too bizarre. That being said, it flows well and provides a number of good laughs as well as a good story.
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Will Forte is rather delightful in here, as he’s a serious yet mostly silly Satanic worshipper. His partner causes some fun issues for him, and they work well together. The two main leads were also great to see in action, but I found that Higgins had some weaker points during shock moments.

She just didn’t entirely seem into it, or rather wasn’t as expressive as those around her. At times, that does play into her character however. They created a really neat little world with this one. I liked the VHS style integrations, and how it definitely had some weird moments to it. It can definitely be gory, and adult in nature. Some shock type moments, with a comedic edge to it that I enjoyed.

The Conclusion

Extra Ordinary was a fun, quirky comedy that was delightfully weird in just the right ways. I did find this one to provide some good laughs and surprising moments. Some aspects are very weird, and just strange. That works here though, and it’s setup through solid world building.

It’s still very much a more intimate tale about two people working together to deal with a floating person and a rather obnoxious ghost that won’t leave her family alone. It was very strange, especially when it comes to dealing with the spirits and the situations that popped up. Certainly a different sort of movie, not many out there like this one.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner