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Fighting the Sky Review

January 23, 2019 at 7:26pm
By Jason Stettner

Fighting the Sky is a rather strange film, there are positives though for the most part these are dragged down by the negatives. The plot is something I could only describe as almost random nonsense. It's basically a bunch of teenagers running around in open fields raising their mics to the sky. It's weird, there's this constant tease of aliens with many actual appearances. Instead of focusing on that situation, it instead aims to showcase people running around wildly.

It's hard to follow with various story lines going on at the same time and rather boring too. Looking past that, this was strangely well shot with many great looking scenes. The CGI and special effects were also really well done. To build on that, the aliens looked particularly excellent though they had a few puzzling appearances throughout. There are some interesting Sci-Fi elements to those moments, with perhaps an interesting conclusion yet the rest of the movie doesn't back it up enough.
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Again, a rather strange film for sure. It felt as though I was watching storm chasers as opposed to people that were attempting to be "Fighting the Sky". The side stories weren't interesting despite having purpose, something more enticing should have been done. They painted a neat picture of large scale conflict, but didn't fully use that having many extended scenes of empty field walking.

There wasn't much of an explanation for why certain events were happening and that was generally just perplexing. A lot of the movie came down to a bunch of younger people just being sporadic. Running from one spot to another without focus, being scared or trying to find something. It was really weird, I wish there was more of a purpose as it came across as mostly silly.

The Conclusion

Fighting the Sky is a strange movie that doesn't have much of a purpose, but does feature solid special effects. It's strangely well shot and looks great most of the time. Despite having some rather empty backdrops, they do a lot with them. Going back to the CGI it's actually rather good and blends in well with what's going on. The costumes were solid for the aliens, just wish they had more of a direct influence. More of them being there, their presence was certainly noticed however.

There's this weird mix of frantic terror that's also somewhat shoved to the side. It's weird as everyone is scared, but most are just calm. Some say there are no aliens, yet you can clearly see them in the skies and it's all over the place at times. Sometimes solid, other times just bad. The side stories could have been more interesting, or there could have been less wacky running around from the main group. Very weird experience that had some well done portions, I'd even say the idea behind the ending was developed well.

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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner