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Film Franchises Disney Will Own From Fox in 2019

Disney is set to take over Fox, merging the film elements of the company into their own. With that, they'll be taking ownership over a number of classic individual film classics, and of course a wide selection of established franchises. While many movies will arrive under this umbrella, I thought it was most worthwhile to compile a listing of the larger franchises that will be arriving.

It's unknown what will happen in terms of reboots, remakes or new entries though I imagine many will feature quick re-releases under the branding management. I'll go into more of a general listing below, but for now to pick out big ones. The first on the list is the mighty "Avatar" series which has a pile of new films that are wrapping up. They were shot almost all at once with yearly planned releases until what feels like the end of time. They pick up well loved horror series such as "Alien", "Predator" and "The Omen". They even get action with "Die Hard", "Kingsman" or "The Maze Runner".
Sinemia Predator
Key Franchises
-Die Hard
-Home Alone
-Ice Age
-Night at the Museum
-Planet of The Apes
-The Many Enchanting Tales from Wes Anderson
-The Maze Runner
-The Omen
-The Simpsons
-The X-Files

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