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Hell's Kitty Review

Hell's Kitty is a comedic horror film that follows a man attempting to deal with a life that's run by a possessive cat. Sure, he's not technically restrained in any way, but the cat is a struggle to have around. It mostly comes down to his love life in which the cat immediately attacks and brutally harms any lady that comes close. There are some interesting elements here as it's not exactly serious while still being dark. It's got a nice bit of comedy to it and that works well for an enjoyable film.

It's also nothing too complex or amazing at the same time which does harm some of the appeal. It's fine for the most part though the best aspects are as you watch the cat over time and see the smaller things it does to remove others. These aspects are well shot showing just enough to paint a realistic picture and the gore is well done. It's just a very wacky experience overall and goes through a series of events showing how he attempts to deal with Angel, that crazy cat.
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The narrative is fine here going through the situations at a steady pace while having some funny highlights. I liked how the gore was shot and it had the right balance of horror to it while never being too dark. It was dark content wise with what was happening, yet still light enough for a laugh.

The acting was alright, some of the minor ladies weren't too great yet it was still fun to see them get attacked. They handled the cat well making it seem strikingly menacing and just normal at other times when needed. I found the camera work was a bit off at times being shaky when it should have been smooth. It was distracting for sure at times though not a huge issue for most.

The Conclusion

Hell's Kitty is a fine watch, it's both dark for the horror aspects and light for the comedy parts which works well. There's a nice balance here and the core cast helps support that. It comes down to mostly being a bizarre series of events in which a cat terrorizes a selection of mostly women.

The gore was handled well, the attacks were fun and it was quite something to see that cat straight up attack people. Angel was particularly great in this as the star finding that perfect balance of being a regular cat and one that could easily take out an eye or perhaps fish for some fingers.

As a bonus there's a drinking game that was included and I'll place the details on that below since it was fun idea. I did the challenge while watching and it was fun.

Drink If:
Angel Slashes some lady
There's a close up of Angel
You Hear a scream
You spot a horror icon
Someone says Rosemary Carrie

Chug If:
You Hear the Word Cat
Angel's eyes turn red
Angel eats a body part

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Rating Overall: 5.5

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