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Killing Joan Review

Killing Joan follows the lead Joan (Jamie Bernadette) as she works for a group and then becomes some sort of strange entity out for revenge. It's over the top in terms of acting and setting the entire time through with some decent moments hidden along the way.

It's definitely dark enough, yet it gets really weird when they start integrating mystical CGI elements. This is mostly because of how bad that looks. It's very cheesy at times despite also balancing a darker narrative.
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There were some well thought out moments mixed with some that weren't so great. The sets were fine being filled with intimate shots and a gritty style that worked into the themes for the better.

It was a fairly typical plot with some elements that weren't too well explained. The action was fine though with the CGI it didn't quite get to where it could have. They should have perhaps toned down the mystical elements a bit and instead focused on regular combat, would have been more interesting.

The Conclusion

There are moments in Killing Joan that are interesting and others that are not well done. The balance tips towards the latter, but it wasn't the worst of watches I guess? The lead character had some dynamics with a balance of struggling with problems and aiming for revenge. It went dark when needed, felt gritty in other moments and mostly came across as simplistic.

It wasn't anything new and the aspects that were fresh, that being the supernatural sort of hurt the viewing. The mist abilities did not look good and weren't necessary. I didn't find the acting to be great, it was weird at times and other times over the top.

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Rating Overall: 3.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner