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Kim Possible Review

March 3, 2019 at 3:54am
By Jason Stettner

This TV movie is based on an animated series that ran many years prior, it takes the characters and presents it in a live action format. It updates many elements, and prepares the series for the modern era. When taking a look at this movie, it's really not great yet you have to remember what type of film this is. It's not trying to be anything too wild, with a target younger audience. It takes the key elements from show, and does seem to capture them in a realistic manner?

A sense of realism in terms of transferring the main characters of both good guys, and bad. There are some minor tweaks on existing characters, with the introduction of a new member of Kim's team. This is Athena (Ciara Riley Wilson), a rather sad girl that's taken under the wing of the team. This is the main element that drives the plot and it's brushed through fairly fast. The narrative is practically rushed through, and it's very weak. There are some elements of humor that come across well, and I suppose the action wasn't too bad to be honest. It definitely pushes for the spy type thing while showcasing that Kim is clearly established within this universe.
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There's some truly cringe worthy acting in this, and it's varied. Some of the cast are alright, some like Ron ( Sean Giambrone) were terrible. I get that there's supposed to be an element of clumsiness to the character, but he was bad in presence and voice throughout. I actually thought Taylor Ortega's Shego was a stand out in the film, with the lead Kim (Sadie Stanley) being generally alright.

Other than that, the core narrative wasn't great and most of it was just random. Things somewhat happened, but there was a decent twist hidden behind another. The CGI was dreadful in so many areas, just being unnecessary a lot of the time. There was an abuse of the grappling hook in terms of usage and most things were just silly. A few jokes landed, the target audience might like this.

The Conclusion

Kim Possible is probably something its target audience would enjoy, but a rather weak effort. The acting is extremely hit or miss from the cast, with a bizarre mix of well known actors against completely unknown ones. Some of them were great, others were awful. The CGI was terrible, used for far too many scenes to the point of it not even making sense. The over use of CGI truly ruined some scenes.

The grappling hook was over used, they must really love that toy for some reason. There are a number of references for long time fans, and it generally transitions to live action alright? I wasn't blown away by it, finding the plot generally weak though perhaps the target market may appreciate it more. There are some neat twists, and the villains were generally fine. It just blew through the story a tad fast, more time spent developing the initial team would have had a better effect. Also, definitely a lot of cringe inducing moments.

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Rating Overall: 4.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner