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La La Land Review

La La Land is a musical masterpiece that follows the tale of an aspiring actress named Mia (Emma Stone) as she attempts to fulfill her dreams. Along the way she continues to run into a struggling jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and the two eventually fall in love. This happens in a fun and hilarious way as the two initially have many small issues with each other.

The movie fables their lives together as they both attempt to make it in a rough world and the choices they have to make in regards to their dreams or the romance that ties them together. The story was not only compelling in grasping your full attention, yet also continually adding twists throughout the journey and feeling very real. Being a musical there are a number of fantastic music sequences throughout the film that bring joy and really high quality shots into the mix. These typically come in the fashion of long single shots that were stellar not only in performance, but also with amazing choreography.
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Each and every scene in La La Land was a beauty to behold featuring perfect lighting that made every moment glow. There were bright colors to be found throughout and this in itself was a nice change in pace from the gritty films we often see today. Aside from the eye popping colors the mystical scenes where the world would fade away often in song were extra charming bringing a constant warm feeling.

The movie was also filled with great performances from the leads with Emma Stone being particularly bright conveying the highs of happy moments to the low areas of her sorrow. The musical elements were well done providing a good range of tunes and matching the respective scenes. The long single shots were the most impressive in musical form and they all fit into the real events without ever feeling out of place.

The Conclusion

La La Land is an absolute masterpiece and a perfect modern musical that's destined to be a classic. The story is not only filled with emotion, but also brings charm and glorious music segments to life throughout. The color and life in every moment was gorgeous with many enchanting backdrops of which the two leads danced or sang through.

This was a perfect film that brings joy and many glorious moments, definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's also nice to see a modern musical that proudly presents itself as one of the greats and even makes a great case that we need more musicals.

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La La Land Review at Theater with Standard Viewing

Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner