Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the latest entry in a franchise that only continues to get better and seems to perhaps hit the pinnacle here. This is one awesome action film bringing high levels of tension and all the excitement we have come to expect from the series. They have somehow presented even wilder stunts across gorgeous set pieces while also continuing to ground the series in the realms of realism. There were even minor mishaps and mistakes that helped shape this into something that felt more realistic while also perhaps giving a sense of aging to this character.

It has all the mystery one would expect with many twists and turns while bringing forward the cast that has been building for multiple movies. This is presented in a way that beautifully ties all of the past entries together while being able to move forward in a respectful way. The general plot follows Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) as he deals with the threat of nuclear materials. The team accidentally loses them early while looking out for one another and this leads to some intense global events. Including a map that noted my city, guess we're stepping up in the world to be considered a place to nuke.
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This was one beautifully shot film that really helped capture the full scale of every stunt. The scenes felt real, they had an impact and you could see the weight balanced with the physicality of each character. Some of the action pieces were insane and only made better with moments of silence to build extra tension. This worked really well and every side character was used to their full potential.

They even had side segments to add some emotional context to the situation as things did feel dire. Henry Cavill's mustache was definitely worth the issues surrounding that attachment as it did stand out proudly. The cast is great, the acting was excellent and it was nice seeing the group pulling off missions again. There was just the right balance of comedy with dramatic action here.

The Conclusion

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a perfect entry in the series that elevates the action and narrative beyond anything that has come before it. This is what the series is all about, crazy stunts performed against a massive worldwide back drop. The scenes are all crazy and the pace just keeps the momentum kicking.

You continue to see more depth behind the character and while the state of the world feels real, there's enough relaxing attitudes from the core team to keep it light enough. It's a serious look at this type of situation, it just does so with the right balance. Tom Cruise continues to own this role somehow seeming even more fit for it and this will hopefully lead to additional entries in the future. I can't imagine they'll get better than this one, as it's what I'd consider a perfect action film and the best in the series.

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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner