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Mummy Reborn Review

April 14, 2019 at 4:32am
By Jason Stettner

Mummy Reborn is a very bad film, it's all over the place and just weird. It comes across as serious, then it gets bizarre and then it gets even stranger after that. There are moments where people have electric abilities, some people have heavy duty guns they don't shoot and then weird changes in characters. It's weird as there potentially could have been something interesting here, and it doesn't deliver in the slightest.

I will say that the costume for the lead Mummy was fantastic, everything else is weird. There's this one scene in a forest, doesn’t make any sense and totally killed this more than other parts had. The acting was awful throughout, the characters were bad and nothing made sense. It's like they just didn't care and were obligated to throw something together. I've never seen such a lack of care or focus. I think the character Tina (Tiffany-Ellen Robinson) was alright, but even she falls victim to the awfulness that's present here.
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It's really hard to even comprehend what happened here. We've got a funny Mummy, a tough one and then a gruesome one. The tonal shifts here are ridiculous and it seems like they just couldn't care enough to provide something stable. The acting is mostly dreadful, the core crew was bad and the forest people were terrible.

I don't even think I could write something that would properly describe how bad that segment was. It doesn't make sense, it comes out of nowhere and maybe it was to pad the run time. It's a really short film, so I guess this is some extra gore or something. I just, it's awful. Terrible moment, dragged things down worse and it just goes even further off the rail then.

The Conclusion

Mummy Reborn is terrible, it gets weird and at some point I think they stopped caring. Initially it seemed like there was some sort of deeper context to it; a neat costume and then wow, what a nose dive. The acting is dreadful, soul sucking perhaps. It gets weird, and I've seen some strange films over the years. Going back to that forest scene, I don't understand it and I want the thought of it to disappear from my memory.

This wasn't shot too well, at least from what I remember. I was too focused on the strange events unfolding that were so odd. I feel like I'm missing the overall joke they were going for. I will however compliment the open the door, then close it moment. I got a good laugh from that, otherwise this was something I hope I'll forget over time.

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Rating Overall: 1.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner