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Pandorica Review

The planet has plunged into darkness and a few generations later many have gone back to tribal systems. In Pandorica we follow a group of three youths from the Varosha tribe. They're at a point in their lives where they are now in a deadly competition for the future of their tribe and who will lead them forward.

The leader is named through a special trial where the three will compete in this ancient forest through mysterious events. This goes fine for a bit with the group having some small jokes and chats, but this is interrupted by the pleas of a strange woman carrying an ancient box. Considered a trial of the night the three must decide how to proceed and handle the danger presented by this new mystical box.

The story was kept rather intimate taking place in a few locations though everything was always within a small area. This aspect was handled well and added to the atmosphere of the night focused scenes of the film. I was actually thoroughly impressed by the quality of the lighting despite how dark it was around them and that was impressive.

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The cinematography was beautiful in Pandorica with the environments it was shot at looked great. I also felt they did a solid job on the tribal design for the characters and captured the tribal approach to things quite well. The acting was a bit stiff for many of the characters in the film and particularly the female that stumbled into the group.

I did however find that the third youth Eiren (Jade Hobday) captured her role very well being a strong portion of the film. Aside from the main characters I found the other forces that play to be perfectly creepy and the destroyed world had just enough past references to create a relatable setting.

The Conclusion

Pandorica was a decent film that presented a different take on the post apocalyptic setting that's well known at this point. It did so in an intimate way keeping shots close causing a darker theme while still having each scene present enough lighting that you could easily tell what was happening. While the film might not have been large in scope it brought together a solid story about a tribe attempting to survive the new world while dealing with items of the past.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner