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President Evil Review

President Evil is a slasher parody that's a comment on the current political climate in the United States. It focuses entirely on this aspect and really can be off-putting in the sense that those not from the country may be lost. It's hard to escape the news constantly cycling this information where I'm located so I got most of the references and jokes, it just came across as too determined on that. There are long segments of straight up monologuing about how wrong things are, and while what is said is definitely truthful I felt it detracted from the general narrative.

They had a funny concept with some alright moments and should have focused on that instead of being so bold with the information. Sometimes subtle content is more striking than in your face. There were some neat parodies and or mockings of horror films in this. I did get a couple laughs in, but again you really need to know all of the references. I feel that many countries that are far from the United States will just be completely lost with this one. If you're looking for something a bit odd about the specific country and to mix that with a slasher, it works barely.
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I felt the acting was generally weak and all over the place. A lot of the characters seemed to be dubbed, or the audio didn't line up well. The lead Lana (Sitara Attaie) did stand out, was great for the most part with her acting. The effects were mostly poor in this with badly shot slashing scenes. That's disappointing as that should be the heart in this type of film.

I liked the music, I'm surprised they were legally allowed to have audio so similar to Halloween theme. They handled the killer well with a fun costume, though the humor surrounding him did remove any sort of menace. It was somewhat all over the place with themes, comedy was definitely at the front yet a better balance could have been struck.

The Conclusion

President Evil is a fairly poor slasher parody that's specifically tuned to the United States and filled with out of place monologuing scenes. Again, most of what they commented on is true though it should have been blended in for more of an effect. Instead, I felt like eye rolling as people in general should know these concepts and I wanted to see more of the action.

I guess this logic might be lost in some regions, but here those political problems really aren't too present This really pushes the film to be locked to a specific region for the laughs. I did find some moments funny, I had a few chuckles for sure. It just wasn't shot very well, it didn't look appealing and was random with how it presented various moments. The concept is neat, it could have used better execution as good moments were dragged down by boring ones. It's fairly short too, yet felt long.

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Rating Overall: 3.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner