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Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the follow-up to the charming Wreck it Ralph, an animated film about the bad guy. Over the course of the first entry this video game villain met a best friend that also didn't quite fit in. They continue their adventures together as a sudden arcade cabinet breakage causes one of them to have their game unplugged. With the stage set, Ralph (John C. Reilly) grabs Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) and head into the internet. This is a world of wild imagination and references, so many references.

This is a film that's littered with easter eggs and one might feel they focus on it too much. I personally thought the best and funniest parts were actually those that included things such as the Disney Princesses or when it was joking about other properties owned by the company, they certainly didn't hold back. They have interesting themes in this one, about control of others and attempting to branch out to try new things. It's a different way to go with the series and you get a mix of viral video making heading up the first half with the more emotional spots holding up the latter parts.
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The quality of the worlds were excellent, they provided a large sense of scope and really brought so many smaller details to light. They had just a ton of references in here and they respected the various franchises well. They had some good jokes regarding the princesses and it would seem some product placement as well with the casual wear.

That aside, this was once again a charming time that aimed to pull on the heart strings and allow someone to take a look at themselves from a different perspective. The side characters from the last film were somewhat sidelined in this one and it was a far push away from gaming. It was a fine change, though I still liked how the original focused on an aspect of gaming and used it to showcase the film's main purpose.

The Conclusion

Ralph Breaks the Internet is solid follow-up to the original that brings an interesting look at something that's popular today and will only continue to grow over time. It aims to tell a story about control and exploration as one looks outwards for something new. It had some funny moments to it while also delivering when it needed to. The animation was of the typical high quality that you would expect from Disney.

There were tons of references, but they didn't detract from what tale they were trying to provide with the story. This is a fine follow-up, yet not quite at the level of the original. They certainly go to new places with it and the jokes about the various franchises they included were fun. They had some neat jabs at the internet and the viral video setup should hit well with the younger audience to some degree I suppose.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner