Same Boat Review

April 7, 2020 at 11:48pm
By Jason Stettner

This movie certainly carries a rather interesting concept behind it, and delivers on that in a very unique way for the most part. So this is a comedic focused venture that doesn’t necessarily hit the laugh marks, but does provide very much so on an interesting sci-fi angle. It follows two time travelling assassins that are trying to fix the past. This mission is led by the general focal character of the film, James (Chris Roberti).

That character accidently gets attached to his target Lilly (Tonya Glanz) and there’s a romantic angle to the decision making. It’s very much the first time in his career that he’s been lucky to have down time, and it alters his entire beliefs behind the work he’s always done. Again, a very interesting concept and I liked how they played around with it as time progressed. It did lag a bit in terms of how their connection grew, and that created some rather quiet moments.

With that not to be confused with the lovely more silent scenes setup throughout. I mentioned quiet as in not a whole lot going on during some of the middle chunk of this. They did have some neat side characters, and rather shocking moments throughout. I also must mention there’s a rather random full nudity scene that I didn’t see coming, just so you know.
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When it comes to how this was shot, it’s actually rather fascinating. This was secretly filmed on an actual cruise ship, I find that in itself to be a neat fact for it. With that, it was also surprisingly well done considering what I imagine would be a lot of constraints. It certainly hits a higher tier of quality than I would have expected.

It’s very interesting if you watch it with that aspect in mind and it’ll give you an extra level of appreciation for what was achieved here. I also found the acting to generally be solid, some of the minor characters were a bit odd however. Still, the core aspects worked out well and this was an alright watch.

It definitely had a nice and relaxing tone to it, with some little sweet spots throughout that I thought were pulled off well. Also, to highlight the lead assassin James. I didn’t necessarily think he looked quite the part, but certainly pulled the role off very well which was a surprise to me.

The Conclusion

Same Boat was a surprisingly well done movie, with an interesting secret behind how it was filmed and some smaller standout moments. I certainly didn’t anticipate it to have the depth it did towards the end, again being a sweet sort of movie. It definitely had a nice little charm to it that I found surprising. I didn’t really get many laughs out of this, so I feel the comedic part didn’t deliver.

I still found the romantic elements to work, and it had a nice calming tone to the overall story. I was sort of expecting there to be intense action considering the whole assassin angle, or some sillier assassination attempts. I’m somewhat glad it didn’t though, made it a more unique sort of setup.

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Rating Overall: 6.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner