Save Yourselves! Review

October 10, 2020 at 7:09pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a quirky take on the whole apocalyptic genre. It follows a Brooklyn couple that has decided they need to take a little bit of time away from the digital world. This has them go off to a cabin, with their phones turned off. What they don’t realize is that a wild sort of invasion is going on, and they slowly start to understand what’s happening. It sounds more epic than it is really, it’s fairly grounded and more about the dynamic of these two individuals.

There’s Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) which both have relationship issues but work together generally well. They both have good chemistry here, and drive the story well. It’s just what’s going isn’t all that interesting. At least, it was initially and then starts to become less intriguing due to the way things end.

It’s basically a horrible cop out, that feels random and as though they didn’t have any direction for the story. I was largely intrigued and finding things funny, then it abruptly ends in such a stupid way. It’s weird, and felt like it was out of nowhere. I was beyond perplexed that they would kill the momentum that was building up in that manner, terrible execution there.
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There are certainly some funny moments in this one, between the two characters as they deal with their relationship issues. Not necessarily the most interesting selection, but they worked well together. There are other comedic events, and you’ll see those be revealed as the story progresses. With this having an invasion angle the foes from beyond will definitely be surprising.

They’re a tad too insanely deadly, and perhaps random. Well, in general that doesn’t matter at all anyways since the whole thing is ultimately pointless. This was decently presented, it’s an intimate setup that takes full advantage of a cabin area and some of the woods. It doesn’t get more wild than that, and it doesn’t need to I suppose. At least, for what this is trying to present which is a more intimate light comedy.

The Conclusion

Save Yourselves! is at times fairly funny, yet at the same time ultimately pointless due to its insanely random cop out. It just concludes in a way that seems abrupt, and makes it feel like there really wasn’t a point to anything that happened. There ultimately wasn’t much of a story, or point for what happened.

It was just two individuals with good acting chemistry walking about after talking about their problems with one another. No overall deeper meaning or interesting plots. I think they had something really strong with the open portions of this and reveals. It was bizarre, and different while ultimately ending up as a waste of time.

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Rating Overall: 4.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner