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Smallfoot is an animated film that follows a group of Yeti and one in particular as they live a sheltered life. Migo (Channing Tatum) is the town's future gong ringer using his head to ring it. The society of Yeti live by the rules of carved stones and it's only during one freak gong test run that everything changes. Migo comes across a magical metal bird in the sky and learns the truth about the Smallfoot. This changes his beliefs and causes him to question the very reality of the world he lives in.

This eventually sends him spiraling off into a quest for the truth and to connect with the mysterious creatures. It's an interesting animation as it deals with some rather complex themes with various phrases that might be too intense for the targeted audience. Still, I was impressed with what they were trying to cover. It might hit well with varying audiences as adults will understand the themes correctly whereas the younger ones should interpret them as showcasing it's a good thing to ask questions in order to learn.
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The animation looked good here with quality snow and colorful environments. The areas were fairly large in scale, but still rather intimate in terms of design. It really did focus on some central characters, but leaves development more for the various Yeti folk it features. There could have been a better comparison there, as the Smallfoot was mostly just a piece to get the plot going. The songs were fine with there being a few throughout. The ending was interesting, a bit odd as well considering what they were trying to get across and it could have been presented better.

The Conclusion

Smallfoot is an enjoyable animated film that was a good watch presenting some complex themes. The physical humor seemed to be a hit with the younger audience and I had some laughs as well during certain parts. Again, I'm not sure all of the themes will come across as intended but with the various layers it could connect with differing types of audiences. It had some solid moments and some odd ones too.

The scaling of certain characters was interesting and perhaps somewhat off at times. The animation was solid here though they could have developed that further to provide a more vast sense of the environment. The Smallfoot could have had a deeper character progression as it really did seem to focus on just one side of the conflict. I definitely enjoyed it was pleasantly surprised by film.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner