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Spaghettiman Review

Spaghettiman may very well sound like the silliest thing of all time, but it was actually really good. I watched this one as a bit of a joke and the title somewhat caught me. It was actually hard to find problems with the film as it was just a ton of fun while being a fresh take on the crowded super hero craze.

In Spaghettiman this regular guy that's basically a loser named Clark (Ben Crutcher) has a freak accident with old spaghetti and a microwave transforming him. He slowly realizes he has the power of shooting out spaghetti and decides to make a career out of it. Instead of doing things for good like other heroes he expects pay for his actions and it's hilarious.

They also went to great lengths to show all sides of this character capturing his rather weird tastes such as an absolute love for soup or caring little for just doing good. There was always a clear push for profit in his motives and the description of how he ran a Craigslist ad was great.
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This was one of the more odd films I've ever watched with each moment being a treat and many laughs to be had. There was some weird combination of awkward combat mixed with a hero that just didn't care, it was magical.

The camera work was also well done without anything feeling choppy and each scene felt as though it was captured properly. It also did a great thing in keeping the story relatively contained and didn't feel the need to blow anything out of proportion. This was truly just a tale about a weird guy putting on a paper bag to fight crime, for some money.

The Conclusion

As silly or odd as Spaghettiman might sound it's such a treat to watch and you will definitely find multiple occasions of laughter. Things were never taken seriously throughout the film and it went to great lengths to make jokes about the regular acts of a hero.

The acting was well done with the lead getting into the role of this odd hero rather well. The spaghetti action was also great with shots of spaghetti always gaining a laugh. So weird, yet so awesome at the same time and Spaghettiman is something I definitely suggest checking out.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner