Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Review

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is an animated effort based on the latest series of this heroic DC team. It consists of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg in a more casual, musical based take on the universe. This is very much a satire effort poking fun at the dark DC Universe and super heroes in general. It does this while being consistent with the currently running show. This is definitely focused towards the younger audience and I'm not sure it'll land well with those that are older. There are some neat references however to the long history of DC, especially in terms of the representation within film.

I don't believe these notes really resonated with the audience, which at this screening were in vast majority kids. Usually it's fun to have a viewing with this group, but they really didn't seem too into things with few laughs throughout. I'm glad there was that back up in regards to my thoughts, as I didn't find too much of this funny. It was a rather odd experience as it's about the Teen Titans getting a movie made, going perhaps too meta into things. Still, it was a fine film in terms of capturing what this series is about with some good comments on the state of hero movies these days.
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I may definitely be feeling some sort of DC fatigue at this point after the recent live action efforts in recent years, that was really reinforced here. There's just so many DC characters smashed onto the screen at once and while they joked about the darkness surrounding recent releases it more or less directly made me recall the association of disappointment I felt towards them. That aside, it was a bright and colorful effort. I thought the animation was well done, as was the voice acting. The core crew was great and the extra voices for the supporting heroes were excellent.

It was great to finally see Nicolas Cage's Superman, and it worked. What an interesting alternate time line it would be if that movie came to be in the past. That is of course just a side mention, there are a lot of songs going on here. The music was alright, but they did repeat some of them a couple times causing unnecessary fatigue of the tunes. They went rather dark at times which was odd and yet resulted in the best response from the audience, as well as myself. Highlights included a montage of dealing with hero origins, a surprising cameo and whenever the team fought as a collective as it was always creative combat.

The Conclusion

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies presents an interesting animated satire on super heroes with vibrant colors and an alright plot. I wasn't blown away by the story, but it was different. I felt the songs were repeated too much, while not being the same every time many of the phrases were re-used. I might be tiring of DC at this point honestly, seeing so many heroes at once didn't help that. It was nice they included some bizarre and out there characters from the universe, might have been better to see more focus on them.

The animation was solid, colorful and fun to look at which should be great for the younger audience. I didn't find it too funny and the comedy mostly seemed lost on the screening audience which was vastly a sea of kids. The film had its moments, if you're a fan of the current iteration for these characters it'll feel right and maybe you might enjoy it in terms of how it comments on the current state of heroes. I wasn't too impressed, but will definitely note that it had its moments.

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Review at Theater with Standard Viewing
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Rating Overall: 6.0

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