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The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Review

It seems that recently live action adaptations of classic tales are running rampant though The Curse of Sleeping Beauty takes the classic tale and transfers that into a horror movie. It builds upon the concepts of what this original story is that I'm sure everyone is well aware of and then adds elements to make this rather creepy.

Originally we start off with a view into the life of Thomas (Ethan Peck) who is a lonely painter living away from the world in his apartment. Recently he's begun to have these vivid dreams of interacting with this beautiful lady named Briar Rose (India Eisley) with nothing too serious until he receives news that his uncle has died. It seems that it's a family of loneliness as his uncle was also a shut-in. Thomas then inherits a mansion that's long been taken care of by the males in his family and that's where the core of the story begins.

He's immediately greeted by some secondary characters with a few of them being non-essential aside from a rather curious individual named Linda (Natalie Hall). The two eventually team up as the house begins to reveal its true horrors and it was actually quite gripping. I also wanted to mention that other side characters come into play and their introductions were somewhat rushed as they just sort of came into play out of nowhere. Other than that the film was actually quite scary with some chilling scenes often involving the always terrifying mannequins.

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I felt that the acting was fairly solid from all parties involved with some good small chuckles thrown in as well which worked despite the genre. The interactions between Thomas and Briar felt somewhat awkward at times though I suppose the goal was for subtle dream-like sequences. The cinematography was nice most of the time with the mansion shots being very well done.

It was an incredibly creepy environment every time anyone was there and the scenes of horror were top notch. I also liked that each of the creatures featured were just disgusting in design for the best effect. The mannequins were also great with how they move or how they were taken care of and that was scary.

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The Conclusion

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is a well done horror film that takes a well known tale and then enhances it for another genre. I loved the environments with the creatures being well done and it was a genuinely chilly movie to watch. The side characters could have been better developed as some just appeared and others felt like they were thrown aside so that could have been better.

It was also somewhat odd how they move towards the ending as it wasn't entirely conclusive and it'll be interesting to see if they do anything else with this concept. Definitely a good horror film to check out with some a great take on a classic that completely altered things while still building on the original idea.

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Rating Overall: 7.3

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