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The Dawnseeker is a Sci-Fi film set in the far future. It follows a group of mercenaries that have been sent to collect a special mineral. The year is 2245 and the Earth's sun is threatening to destroy all of humanity, so the situation is definitely dire. Things obviously don't go to plan and the crew lands on this uncharted planet to find other factions to battle with.

On top of that, there's this unknown advanced creature stalking and eliminating everyone. It sounds exciting, it's a neat premise for sure. It's horribly executed however as this random group stumbles along occasionally dying. It's so random, and they're constantly adding additional cannon fodder the entire time. Many elements don't make sense and it's really hard to watch due to that issue. This is also one very short film, only an hour and fifteen minutes total.
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I hated the visuals here, the color of the picture kept changing as they'd switch angles. It drove me crazy, needed some consistency. The CGI was bad, some of it was alright though most of it was just unnecessary. They should have really toned it down or found another way to do things as it didn't look good. I get the budget constraints, but find another way to present things.

Did they really need to shoot lasers specifically? I will again mention that some of the effects were alright, should have been more selective there. The acting wasn't great, but I found that Franziska Schissler's Fenix was solid here. She really elevated the scenes seeming to really care and put in an effort, it was appreciated. To build on good parts, that alien looked fantastic. It was sort of slow and they could have made it seem more menacing, but nice design.

The Conclusion

The Dawnseeker is a horrible Sci-Fi film that goes over the top on poor CGI and is mostly a random mess. It's all over the place with its story while having a simple objective. Things aren't explained very well and they just expect you to go along for the ride. That's fine in most other cases, here it wasn't very thrilling.

The acting wasn't great aside from a standout and the visuals were a problem for sure. It would have been better if they focused on the hunting aspects more, the creature mostly walks in and stabs people before walking away. Definitely looked cool in design, that felt somewhat wasted as it could have been more menacing instead of a tank.

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Rating Overall: 2.5

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