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The Favourite Review

The Favourite is an elegant conflict following two women as they battle amongst each other for the favor of the Queen. This particular leader, Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) is in weak health and that continues to deteriorate over the course of the film. This is matched by issues that occur and the two elements work together to create a better visual picture of their toll. She has a particular taste for her companionship having been with Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) a very long time. The two have become rather close, with the Sarah being a controlling aspect of Anne's governance.

A new individual enters the picture, Abigail (Emma Stone) as someone that arrives with nothing. This is very much a story about her character's rise and the way she goes about doing so. It's a rather interesting and really well developed narrative. It doesn't contain action in a traditional sense, but has many intense moments as the ladies work one another to get what they want. There are moments of excellent humor, sneaking actions and it was amazing to witness. This takes place in 18th Century England and while there's a war going, an even more fascinating one has developed behind the scenes.
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Aside from containing an enchanting and well delivered narrative, other elements come together in a perfect way. The set and various clothing designs are an excellent tool in how they present the era. This continues to be expanded upon with dynamic camera work that helps create a greater sense of space, and activity. It's a lively world, filled with people stuck between the various problems that this sick and at times rather angry Queen has.

The acting was just beyond incredible here, it's impossible to decide which of the leads was best. Emma Stone brought a dazzling balance of cruel intentions and perky attraction. The character worked her way up in such an intriguing fashion. Olivia Colman only got better as events progressed and the problems mounted, I was very impressed throughout. Finally, Rachel Weisz delivered on a cunning, loyal and perhaps powerful individual that worked hard for what she needed. Even if you look past that group, the supporting cast brought life into their positions and the Opposition's leader was of particular interest.

The Conclusion

The Favourite is a remarkable showcase of performance, elegance and strategic planning being one of the best films I've ever viewed. It probably isn't for everyone due to what it aims to provide, but this was just a grand time. It brought chapter based elements and a high level of class. It was fascinating to see Abigail claw her way up from nothing using charm and strategy actions.

It was as dark as it needed to be and this certainly showcased a rather intensive battle to earn the favor of one's royalty. It had sharp moments, good laughs and many memorable segments. The pacing was solid, there was a lot going on and it kept surprising with new twists to what was going on. I loved this film as it truly felt like art and presented itself with the highest level of quality one might hope to see in this type of movie.

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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner