The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The LEGO Batman Movie is most certainly the best take on Batman as of recent bringing elements of the brooding dark knight while also having a sweeter LEGO side. In the film Batman is awesome living the life of a crime fighter adored by everyone until Gordon heads to retirement and his daughter Barbara (Rosario Dawson) steps in to take over.

She wants real change in Gotham as Batman has never caught any of the villains despite saving the day for such a long period of time. This is also another aspect of the movie that really shines is that it makes fun of Batman hard while also celebrating its long history at the same time. This is a hilarious film packing almost every scene with references or comedic bits that make the entire thing entertaining.

It does get a bit overly emotional towards the ending maybe pushing its point a tad much, but it's an incredibly hilarious journey. I also loved how they really dug into the lore of Batman having basically every villain he has ever faced while also packing in some surprise involvement along the way. This is also very much a look at Batman and his close crew without expanding too far out with secondary heroes.
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Will Arnett absolutely kills it as Batman/Bruce Wayne capturing all sides of the character very well and being one of the best takes on the Dark Knight. I would have liked to see Bruce Wayne more in the story as that side of Batman is important and was cared for about as much as all the regular movies usually do. Robin (Michael Cera ) was surprisingly great and not as annoying as I had anticipated really being a strong addition to the roster as opposed to bringing it down like past Robins.

Ralph Fiennes as Alfred was also solid providing a more historic type character though I felt they missed out on some golden references since another one of his famous roles was also in the movie. The story was definitely stellar being an emotional yet dark take on the character at the same time. The animation of LEGO is absolutely incredible in this having massive sets that truly capture the magic of LEGO. This was perhaps even more impressive than in the LEGO Movie as every scene was filled with little intense details and references.

The Conclusion

Everyone will absolutely love The LEGO Batman Movie as it brings the best parts of the Caped Crusader onto the screen while also having great takes on his secondary team. I was laughing a lot, the other adults were also laughing the entire time and the kids at the theather reacted to the movie with glee.

It's also got the same heart from The LEGO Movie while being a completely unique movie that doesn't really have any straight connections to the overall universe they're most certainly building. The core team was fantastic, the quantity of villains they balanced was impressive and the scale of this LEGO movie was crazy. It's odd to live in a time of an amazing LEGO Cinematic Universe and even odder that the best Batman is LEGO being played by Will Arnett.

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Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner