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The Nun is the latest entry in The Conjuring series that tells what are basically the origins of this haunting religious figure. There are some deep ties into the lore and it fully explains one more back story for this franchise. It doesn't however really do anything too interesting with it. It leans into a comedic type of atmosphere too much at points that detract from the horror. It's weird to have the whole audience laughing at what's supposed to be a terrifying film. "It" did that funny quality and balance for horror right, whereas here it feels misplaced.

As much as I loved the inclusion of a French Canadian with his hilarious wit, it took away from the overall story and atmosphere. Things start out dark here as one of the locals find a hung Nun, word of this quickly reaches the holy Vatican. They send in an expert, and an assistant that has a special connection to this particular case over there. The two hunt for answers, but it doesn't take long as things are very unholy from the get go.
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You're never sure what exactly is going on here, it also doesn't do a very good job of explaining anything afterwards. There are scenes of questioning what's happening and it takes a good look at things to truly understand what happened in many key events. This was well shot, a very dark film with a creepy look. They had some neat terror moments and many elements that felt like they emulated The Conjuring films.

It just didn't have the same level of terror as the main series did, or even Annabelle's last outing. It's disappointing as I consider this series to be one of the strongest horror franchises going right now. The acting was fine, they were into it and delivered their parts well. Still, I don't think any were too memorable aside from the comedic one and that was for the wrong reasons.

The Conclusion

The Nun isn't on the same level as The Conjuring main films, but still a fine dive into horror. I may sound entirely negative, but it's decent. It wasn't terribly hard to watch and it did have some spooky parts. You could feel things become unsettling at times, it just didn't quite have the hook the other ones have had.

I thought the cast was fine, hopefully we seem them in the expanded universe in the future to build out their tales. They weren't too memorable as I mentioned, but this acts as a good origin for them to potentially have that connection to the darkness. Their condition is questionable at the end for sure, so we'll see. I like this shared universe, this was just the weaker entry.

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Rating Overall: 6.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner