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What is Thanus, Avengers: Endgame

One of the more strange, generally just bizarre strategies for defeating Thanos has certainly become something of a hit on the internet. This method is titled “Thanus” and it requires a precision move involving Ant-Man. This was a bit of a joke, and now it’s grown into a hit where even the actors are quite into this.

So generally there was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. To then let the heroic newcomer Ant-Man come in to steal the show by shrinking down and striking from the bottom of their greatest enemy. This being his butt of course, going up there while tiny.
Thanus Avengers Endgame
Once the entrance journey had been performed, he’d then use the special Hank Pym particles to growth rapidly in size in order to destroy the threat from within. Thus, the Thanus maneuver was born and it does make some sense. It’s even seen some countering by Thanos considering the use of the bathroom if the issue does arise.

It’s all for fun, but certainly something that people have clung onto for something fun. Whatever the case, this is likely not how Avengers: Endgame solves its main problem. You can read our review of Infinity War below or check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe hub for additional coverage.

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