Wicked Witches Review

August 9, 2019 at 4:33pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a horror film that follows Mark (Duncan Casey), a man that finds himself staying with his old buddy Ian (Justin Marosa) at Dumpling Farm. His friend Ian isn’t quite the same, giving him weird stares and being relatively secretive as to what’s going on behind certain doors at the farm area. It’s a slow initial burn, but does actually really pick up an intriguing way as things progress towards a big party.

It can be slightly hard to watch initially, but does have a decent pay off. I say that as things get rather intense, graphic and then somewhat creepy as it embraces the horror elements within a darker place. The start is a bit slow as mentioned, and a bit hard to follow. It showcases many trippy situations, that don’t necessarily add to the overall plot of the movie.

This segment could have been used better, to have a greater effect on the latter part of this story. I did find the gore to be well done, being graphic and not too over the top. It was somewhat delightful to take in, with creative showcases of the violence.
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The acting could have been better in this, but it was alright generally. I found the stare down scenes to be an over the top aspect, lots and lots of staring. Some minor weird noises in there, but lots of stare downs. Past that, I felt the main character presented the madness well. The ladies brought on the witch aspect featuring some easy looking extra features to match that, and embracing the darkness.

Sometimes these types of films look cheesy during the mass death scenes that are ever so gruesome, but it went well here. Even the dying delivered their failings well, bringing some fun to the moments. This was also shot quite well strangely, the picture quality looked distinct and framed everything greatly. It captures the gore in what felt like a realistic enough situation, and captured those speedy action moments in a neat way.

The Conclusion

Wicked Witches was alright, it was shot in an appealing way and delivered the mayhem in a satisfactory manner. They really did have good gore portions, and some pay off despite an initial slow start to it all. The madness scenes didn’t add a whole lot, but do tease what might come to light over the course of the run time.

I would have liked more of a purpose to them narrative wise, but oh well. It did seem to head to some locations without a point to them, thought I should mention that. It does get quite interesting when it comes to the fully unleashed moment as it continues afterwards and gets tenser in nature. Things do evolve at that point, it’s rather interesting.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner