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Wonder Woman is the first live action telling of this classic DC hero and the best of their current cinematic universe. The film starts by exploring the life of Diana as she grows and becomes the strongest of the Amazon warriors. This was well done as it not only showed her progression, but also helped to create a back story about the gods. From there a lone pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes on the island and brings some of the war with him. This opens Diana's (Gal Gadot) eyes to the bigger world and she heads out with him to end the evil within it.

Things are definitely different in the rest of the world and Gadot presents the perfect intrigued yet still knowledgeable culture shocked character. There's the right balance of development towards where Wonder Woman comes from and action. You get to see a beautiful set piece with the backdrop of World War I to highlights her values and it gives a sense of purpose for this god. She didn't ever seem hard to relate to as other over powered DC heroes seem to. The cast also carried a laugh to some degree instead of just being a moody group.
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The movie was gorgeous with some great cinematography and well choreographed fighting scenes. The action was really well shot with some tense and exciting battles. There were highlights such as Wonder Woman charging across No Man's Land or whenever she really got into a large scale battle. For a time piece it was also beautiful truly capturing the era well from the city life to the design of the costumes.

It was fantastic to see Wonder Woman dawn some actual color and that the film in general wasn't bleak. For the most part everything looked real aside from some noticeable CGI during fights, but I want to say this was more for style than anything else. The acting was good with the leads being particularly strong and the story carried the crew providing a solid narrative. I did however find that the ending carried an anti-climactic portion that made sense to what the story was trying to get across and then swapped things up afterwards which I'll leave at that.

The Conclusion

This is a step in the right direction for DC and Wonder Woman is perfectly captured within the film. Everything about the movie was solid with only the ending being a slight trail off from the rest. The action was great with a style that showed the character as being one not to be messed with. This was compared to softer moments of making her relatable and not just some ultimate god like Superman is.

There were also something interesting side comments made through the World War I backdrop and it was refreshing to see a DC film with some color. They didn't hold back on her costume and it did wonders throughout the movie with it only being complemented by her array of weapons that carried a similar theme. This was certainly a pleasing movie and I'm glad they were able to pull off the character. It could be a good sign of what's to come and the first from this universe that I'd watch a second time.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

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