Three Days Grace Concert Review

I had the pleasure of attending one of my favourite bands from when I was younger, Three Days Grace. They were performing at the “Grey Eagle Event Center” and I must say that the show was definitely great. Three Days Grace is a Canadian Rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario back in 2003. The band is made up of four members lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and back-up vocalist Neil Sanderson, Bassist Brad Walst, and lead guitarist Barry Stock. Gontier had previously decided to leave, opening up the position to the former My Darkest Days lead singer Matt Walst. These four are the starting selection for the band at this current point in time.
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The general performance of the band was great, they really knew how to entertain the crowd. Matt did an excellent job keeping the viewers engaged always telling them to sing or jump along to what was going on. They also did a great job playing music for all types of fans.

They opened up with songs from their new album Outsider such as “The Mountain” and “Infra-Red” and during the show playing their old hits like “Animal I have Become”, “I Hate Everything About You”, “Pain”, “Never Too Late” among many others from their lengthy catalogue. For not having listened to Three Days Grace in about half a decade, I was still able to be engaged and enjoy the concert. The same as the more dedicated fans of this group.

The Grey Eagle Event Center was an alright venue. It was standing room only, which works for the kind of concert it was hosting. The venue had more than enough room for all the people that attended and their security was good and on point. However the venue was too smoky making it hard to breathe and could have used some better sound balancing, at some points all you could hear was the instruments and feel the drums in your chest.

The Conclusion

Three Days Grace put on an excellent performance that kept the audience engaged and entertained the entire time. There were playing many of their old number one hits as well as some off their new album and a song that has yet to be put on an album. The Grey Eagle Casino did a good hosting an event of this caliber; however they did have some minor balancing issues. Their portion of the concert lasted roughly an hour and a half to an hour forty-five with encores.

Three Days Grace Concert Review at Grey Eagle Casino with Standing Viewing

Rating Overall: 7.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey