5 Netflix Movies to Watch 2019

October 20, 2019 at 5:12pm
By Jason Stettner

It can be hard to find something to watch on Netflix, especially when it comes to movies. Here are five films to watch on the streaming service that will each present something a little different. All of these options released in 2019, so they’re fresh and up to date content wise. There’s a lot to view, so hopefully these deliver some excitement for you.

These are in no particular ranked order, featuring a good variety of things to take in. The featured films are all originals, and can only be watched on the platform. Get viewing! That is, if you find something you’re interested in below, some pressure.

#5: Always Be My Maybe

This is a great romantic comedy, with some excellent lead actors and many great laughs. It’s quite charming, featuring a unique cameo and many great moments that should surprise you to some degree. There’s a lot of heart in this one, and it’s an easy watch. Definitely a unique one to view, certainly worthwhile.

#4: Polar

A straight up adrenaline filled action fest, this is one insane over the top experience. There are many crazy moments, lots of graphic violence and a bit of an interesting back story. This really does have some weird characters and it’s a very unique, almost comic-like ride of just action. Not too much substance, but you get what you’re expecting.
Best Netflix films 2019

#3: The Perfect Date

This is a very typical type romance film, with two charming leads and a totally modern concept behind it all. One guy creates an app to help out people for dates, along the way he neglects the growing love that’s right beside him. It’s quite alright, that’s for sure. She looks stunning along the way.

#2: Paddleton

This is a film about male friendship, it’s a slow burn as one man deals with his lifelong friend slowly dying along the way. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely a different sort of viewing. It’s a topic that’s usually ignored, or not really covered and it’s nice to see a film about it. There are some surprising performances in this as well.

#1: Rim of the World

It’s a group of kids that are trying to stop the end of the world. It is very typical, yet totally weird. It has its unique moments, some rather unexpected situations and it does come across as alright. It is a bit adult in nature, yet doesn’t always lean that way. There are some monsters too, so that’s interesting to take in.

Well, these are some Netflix movies to watch that are all originals, which released within 2019. Hopefully some of these will give you something to watch on the streaming service. If you’re looking for more reviews, check out our hub as there’s a lot of content there that are all originals as well.

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